Ross Steventon

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So you're probably wondering what skills I have? Well I've been developing games and small programs for over 7 years but gained most of my knowledge in the last 3-4 years from doing reaserch and self teching..

I mainly use Unity for developing games / tools. I also have knowledge of C++ creating both console and windows applications. I recently have been gaining skills in the SFML Libry using C++ with Visual studio 2015 as my Software of choice. So far I've made 2D games in SFML however I plan to combine it with knowledge I have of OpenGL to make 3D or 2.5D games. Other languages I know are HTML, CSS, VB, Python. I find it fairly easy to learn a new Language or Library within a short space of time even with limited documentation, books or tutorials. I believe a great asset of mine is the ability to problem solve and fix issues quickly. Sometimes the odd bug can require me to sleep and wake up to fix but usually I figure it out or find a suitable solution. I'm familiar with various optimization techniques to maintain stable gameplay and good quality code.